We are an International Organization That Can provide Tools, Services and programs To Help You and Your Family. Some of our Programs Grow  Income, Wealth, & Financial Confidence. While Other programs Help with The current Issues of today. Our Goal is to Continue to Develop Tools Services and Programs to Help all People Through Out the World.

Website Introduction

Website Introduction

United Nations Global

Chamber of Commerce Private Trust Organization

Strengthen your Family

for all Families throughout the World.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring prosperity to every member of family in the world, teach them the way of the Lord, to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. The vision of the Lord was given to the city of Enoch called Zion, that everyone loved each other and help others and no one was poor, then the Lord fulfilled his promise and he took the city of Enoch to heaven everything even little ants and flies etc.

Our vision is to fulfill the promise of the Lord, that men must have equal rights to his promise if we have access to every opportunity in order for every family to be developed to their full potential and the children can live a better world from where we live now and when it does happened the future of the children will be prospered from generation to generation and that is eternity as God has promised. May the Lord bless the family foundation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to start off small by dividing the globe into four divisions as: South Pacific, America, Asia India, Africa, Arabs and Europe. The South Pacific and America is the first platform to rollout. The worldwide program  and the success of the first division South Pacific and America can only be duplicated toward the rest of the world.

Our focus is to bring every strong country to the table for the discussion of our roles to the families and children that are in the poor and poverty situation worldwide. We then apply the 30 development systems which was designed by the United Nations Global Chamber of Commerce Private Trust Organization to raise the poor and those in poverty to be Self Reliant. They can then balance their spiritual life and their worldly life and the world will become a one big family.

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“I would rather live under a tree with my family and loved ones,
Than in a mansion alone”

………  Dr. Helaman Viliami Tungi Hansen

The Right Development Changes Everything

What Are the Benefits of a Family Foundation?

Establishing a private foundation may make it possible for you to:

  1. A Private citizen is responsible for their family.
  2. A private citizen is not bound to the government, but focused on his family.
  3. A private citizen should establish a family foundation.
  4. A private citizen should establish a family trust.
  5. A private citizen should guide his family to prosperity.
  6. A private citizen should love god with all their heart.
  7. A private citizen should love their neighbor as their selves.

“Do not stop the children, for they are the kingdom of heaven”

Insights to elevate your confidence and unlock your potential.

Through our Projects and Programs we will introduce many ways to help Individuals, Families, Groups and Cultures Throughout the World.

“Be fruitful and multiply and replenish and the blessing will follow”

Below is a Small Sampling of Some of our Projects and Programs.

Family Foundation

We Offer Assistance and Answer Question in Setting up your Family Foundation

International Culture Center

We setup an Area for each nation to represent their Culture. Including Food, Arts and Crafts and Entertainment.

Slide Generations and History

This is an introduction of what is available for members of a family foundation and the family trust.

Emergency Dried Foods

We have the Availability to help you get Freeze Dried Products including Emergency 72 Hour Kits.

Homeless and Incarceration Program

We Can Provide Services and Employment Opportunities For the Homeless and those that have been Incarcerated.

Small Business Franchising

Let's Change America. We Offer Assistance in Small Business Development.